Side projects/Happy things

ES6 media player

ES6 Music Player

With the new release of ES2005/ECMAScript 6/ES6 I wanted to dive in and the best way I know how is to build something. I started with something completely different and in my research stumbled across a playlist much more simple than this and decided to expand on it.

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Relink logo

RELINK Open Source app

Often times when doing a site overhaul I was running into a lot of broken link issues. Mostly if the new build was on a different platform than the old/current build. So I made this solution, mostly because I wanted to learn Angular. It's a simple interface that has two inputs, old url and new url. Once you have changed all your links, the compile feature will create the htaccess file with all the needed rewrites.

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Table Sorter (search) plugin

A colleague needed some help with a plugin that searched through a table. Turns out that plugin didn't like the table structure and was causing more issues than it was solving, so I created this plugin.

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